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Medley's secure wireless LAN solutions allow multiple users to share high-speed Internet connections, without the trouble and expense of wiring PCs together. When used with laptops, wireless networks also give users the freedom to break away from the desk and use their computers in non-traditional locations, such as in the backyard or at "hot spot" cafes offering Internet access.

Wireless networking is powerful technology for SOHO, small business and residential markets. The complexity of network cabling is eliminated, and with Medley's powerful built-in security solutions, it is the easiest way to share high speed cable or DSL broadband connections.

Medley's wireless LAN solutions include 11/54/108 Mbps IEEE 802.11b/g/a-compatible Access Points and Gateways, as well as PC Cards, and USB, PCI and Ethernet adapters. Whether creating new networks or extending existing ones, Medley gives users secure, flexible access to the Internet.

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