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VXL is a leading global vendor of thin client devices and terminals. Our world-class products are available for a variety of OS platforms such as Gio Linux, Windows CE and Window XP-Embedded as well as computing environments like the desktop, wireless, Integrated and laptop..

VXLs thin client devices and solutions are helping global companies substantially reduce IT security and support costs without compromising on reliability and scalability.

Our products enable people across a network to seamlessly access applications and data wherever and whenever they need them.

VXLs globally trusted Itona brand of products is available for a range of operating systems such as Gio Linux, Windows CE and XP-Embedded and computing environments desktop, wireless, Integrated and laptop. Each of our products is available in wide variety of configurations, and can be customised to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art design centre in Indias Silicon Valley, Bangalore. They are backed by a global support and reseller network and unmatched customer service.

To truly reap the benefits of thin client technology deployment, enterprises need good device management tools. XLManage is VXLs powerful device management software that is flexible enough to manage thin clients over a LAN as well as a large, multisite WAN.

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GIO Linux Desktop
Windows XP-Embedded Wireless
Windows CE Integrated

VXL Products Matrix

Windows CE: Productivity on the move

Windows CE-based thin client devices or browser terminals are equipped with Internet Explorer for Web access and can run a local terminal emulation suite. They are ideally suited for environments where the workforce needs to constantly access Web-based applications. Low on cost, but rich in functionality, CE-based terminals support many Windows drivers and peripherals. They also provide a Windows-like desktop interface, helping users quickly adjust to the device.
Windows XPe: PC-like power in a thin client

Windows XP Embedded terminals deliver PC-like functionality and can be easily integrated into any Windows environment. These devices are ideal for line of business applications as they support the entire range of Windows peripherals and Win32 API applications, feature a local Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and a full-fledged local IE 6.0 for running Web-based applications.
GIO Linux: Robust and flexible

Linux-embedded thin clients offer better security and flexibility at lower price points. Linux-based thin client devices can run Linux and Unix applications as well as 32-bit Windows applications. Linux terminals are ideal for open source environments that need secure server-based, enterprise-wide computing. Linux thin devices come in two flavours Professional (with Mozilla, JVM and Flash) and Embedded.

The basic thin client available in 800 MHz and 1 GHz CPU speed options
Itona TC4341
Itona TC3841 #
Itona TC3941 #
Itona TC3541 #
Itona TC3641 #

Designed for

Itona TC4541
Itona TC4321
Itona TC3821 #
Itona TC3921 #
Itona TC3521 #
Itona TC3621 #

Designed for Citrix

Itona TC4521

Itona TC4331
Itona TC3831 #
Itona TC3931 #
Itona TC3531 #
Itona TC3631 #

Designed for Citrix

Itona TC4531


Itona TC4333
Itona TC3833 #
Itona TC3933 #
Itona TC3533 #
Itona TC3633 #

Designed for Citrix

Itona TC4533

Desktop thin client with integrated Wireless-LAN as standard and options for smart-card reader
Itona TC4441
Itona TC6841 #
Itona TC6941 #

Designed for

Itona TC4541
Itona TC4421
Itona TC6821 #
Itona TC6921 #

Designed for

Itona TC4621

Itona TC4431
Itona TC6831 #
Itona TC6931 #

Designed for

Itona TC4631


Itona TC4433
Itona TC6833 #
Itona TC6933 #

Designed for

Itona TC4633

Thin client integrated with a 17 LCD monitor to present a compact and aesthetically pleasing unit
Itona TI5441
Itona TI5541
Itona TI5421
Itona TI5521

Itona TI5431
Itona TI5531


Itona TI5433
Itona TI5533

All the convenience of thin client in a notebook. Ideal for healthcare/ education environments
  Itona TL3721
Itona TL3421 #*

Itona TL3731
Itona TL3431 #*


Itona TL3733
Itona TL3433 #*

 # Non RoHS
 * End of Life Product - Further Supply Not Available


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