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Internet Security Solutions

IA010 ,IA025 , IA050, IA100 , IA200 , IA500

All in one Appliance from AnexTek is a comprehensive & cost effective Internet productivity & Security solution for companies that need to leverage the immense power of the Web. This appliance is easy to use with a simple GUI, which ensures that no dedicated network engineer is required. Within minutes of powering on, you can create users, configure and define Internet access and mail usage policies and set up VPN resources. These tasks otherwise would need experts to accomplish, complex commands to configure or would require expensive products from different vendors. Thus the All in One Appliance simplifies the organization's connectivity to the internet by providing connectivity & productivity tools, necessary security and enhanced productivity by better control on Web access.

Features :

The iAppliance a combination of following features depending upon models.

     Secures corporate information by keeping hackers out, blocking viruses and dangerous scripts from pulling out information or destroying data.

     Advanced Stateful packet filter firewall for perimeter security.

     Virtual Private Network (VPN) over Internet provides inexpensive branch-to-branch connectivity over mobile user connectivity to offices.

     Proxy with inbuilt cache for enhanced web performance & user experience.

     Intrusion detection system for guarding against hackers and thieves.

     Inbuilt Email Server with SPAM control, which saves licensing costs.

     Caching DHCP & DNS Servers.

     Gateway Anti Virus keeps viruses at bay.

     Content filter to restrict Internet access based upon keywords, user Ids, time and IP addresses.

     Fail over feature to second link, in case the primary link fails

     Secure Web based Remote Administration using 128-bit SSL encryption, a protection against password sniffing.

     Provides bandwidth utilization speed.

     Provides a browser based GUI for configuring, administering and managing the appliance.

     Extensive customizable reports i.e. Mail usage, Net usage, Security reports etc.

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