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Point to Multi Point Wireless Connectivity

The Secure, Flexible, Reliable Wireless Solution for Extending Your Network

In the demanding broadband marketplace, a Medley designed platform offers state-of-the-art wireless technology with significant benefits that enhance the broadband experience for a wide range of providers and end users. The system's performance makes high-demand technologies like voice over IP, video services, security surveillance, broadband Internet access and more both effective and cost-efficient.

Interference Resistance

Your solution needs unique and powerful modulation scheme significantly improves the quality of data delivery and effectively mitigates interference from other systems of virtually every shape and spectrum.

Data Rates

We can design a system that offers upload and download speeds as fast or faster than virtually every other service available today. A typical point-to-multi-point system can offer up to 6 Mbps (aggregate data rates) and a point-to-point system can deliver 14 Mbps (aggregate data rates) to network end users.


Designing a build-as-you-grow system is important. Advanced scalability allows you to quickly accommodate changing needs, wider geographical areas, larger populations and higher traffic volumes. In addition, high tolerance for interference and directional antennas assure that adding additional transmitters increases capacity without degradation of performance.


DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption that provides 56/64bit encryption will ensure secure data delivery and exceptional reliability. In some areas, the platform is also available with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities that make it virtually impossible to crack a code (it's estimated that it would take about 149 trillion years, a time period older than the earth itself).

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