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The concept of global village has become a reality. This has lead to an increased need for security with the 9/11 and our own 13/12 at parliament has meant that there is no place that is secure enough. With the advent of CCTV and now the IP enabled Video surveillance we can breath a sigh of relief. The home security systems / A surveillance system will ensure our homes and offices are more secure.

The advantages of surveillance are as follows:

  1. Will ensure that the user can keep constant check on the happenings from wherever he is (with IP enabled implementations)
  2. Will ensure that the user gets an alert on his email or his MMS/PDA phone in case of any event at home or office in his absence.
  3. Since the images are tamper proof with watermarking, this will ensure that the culprit is brought to justice.
  4. Will help the authorities to keep the crime rate at its minimum
  5. Will ensure that his insurance claims get processed faster, as evidence is available at hand.

Surveillance Products

How AcroSecure Solution helps?

  1. State of the Art Technology.
  2. Linux OS - stable and secure
  3. High quality ultra-fast transmissions.
  4. Higher storage capacity, rapid, pinpoint-accurate retrieval.
  5. Support for massive archiving through external disk array.
  6. Inbuilt motion detection capability.
  7. Remote surveillance over IP.
  8. Thirty seconds prior recording on-chip feature stores data for pre-alarm retrieval.
  9. High compression based on MPEG-4.

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