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Point To Point Solutions

Medley can provide a wireless Ethernet bridge with greater capacity and significantly lower cost than using multiple dedicated E1 leased lines.

Using market leading, state of the art radio systems such as the Canopy system from Motorola, ibridge from ibridge Networks Inc. ,Medley allows you to bridge Ethernet LANs between office buildings, factories, warehouses, and remote locations with minimal capital investment and no monthly leased-line costs.

Because it is wireless and license-free, you can install the system when and where you need it, without right-of-way limitations, frequency licensing delays, or waiting for your telecommunications provider to deliver new lines.

Medley can also provides a separate E1 connection in addition to the Ethernet connection, allowing you to extend PBX connectivity between buildings without the need for additional leased lines.

With Medley there are no trenches to dig, no lines to lease, and no regulatory red tape to cut through. Easy installation and operation make wireless Ethernet bridges the ideal solution for:

 Organizations building out networks to include WAN connectivity between buildings, campuses, and remote locations more than 56 km away.

 Establishing high-speed connections between Internet or network service providers and their customers.

 Service providers extending existing fiber and wire networks.

 Organizations or service providers seeking network redundancy for mission-critical connections.

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