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Backup and Instant Recovery Expert
Safeguard your data with the ExBoot! Run automated backup software and replace failed hard drives with the ExBoot by booting directly from an external USB2.0 backup drive in the event of hard drive failure, virus attack, or data loss. No more lengthy restoration times! Now available for 1.8, 2.5 and 3.5 HDD sizes.

Who needs the ExBoot?

 Personal users
    For PC power users and home users who value their data and time
 SMB Enterprises

    For SMB enterprises, SOHOs, and MIS specialists


    For professionals who rely on their data, such as mobile businessmen, health centers,consultants, accountants, lawyers, retail stores, and more.



Fast Backups
1. Backup
All your data, operating system components, and applications are backed up at the touch of a button or by scheduling automatic backups. You customize these two choices.
2. Incremental Backup
After the first full backup, save your time and protect your drive by backup of only new and modified files.
3. Synchronization
Automatically checks and synchronizes to ensure files are up-to-date.
Quick Recovery
1. External Boot up
Offers a quick recovery by booting up from a USB 2.0 interface storage device.
2. Total Recovery
Recover all your operating system components, application programs, and valuable data, back to a previous status.
Easy Administration
1. One Touch Button
Just press the button and your files are backed up in one simple step.
2. Flexibility
Choose your own hard drive in various capacities for your data management.
3. Friendly Console
Practical and ideal for day-to-day backups for home and/or office users.
4. Scheduling
Simply set up an automatic backup schedule by date and time.
5. Versioning
Users can access and restore previous versions of files anytime.
Your computer must support the "USB boot" function for external bootup to work properly.
You may use the recovery CD to restore everything from the EXB-0131 device if your computer doesn't support the "USB boot" function.
Applied Operating System

Windows XP Home
Windows XP Professional series
Windows 2000 Professional series
Windows 2000 Server series
Windows 2000 Advance Server series
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2003 Enterprise Server series

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