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Office Applications:


Wireless LANs are becoming more and more common in vertical industries such as retail, warehousing, and manufacturing. Automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology is being widely adopted. Wireless LANs are proving indispensible wherever workers or machines must execute tasks in a precise and timely manner without the encumbrance of wires.

Challenge Solution

Provide a cable-free communication environment enabling AGVs to circulate around the production line in a manufacturing plant. A WLAN linking notebooks, desktop PCs, printers, terminals, and other needed devices in a wire-free communication environment

Find a solution that acts as an interface between the surveillance system and the network backbone. A webcam with a built-in WLAN module linked wirelessly to the network backbone. Users can monitor the factory via computer with a minimum of wired devices.

Maximize employees' productivity and convenience. Handheld devices with built-in WLAN modules linked wirelessly to the intranet. Workers are able to access the network everywhere.

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