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Internet Security

Why WatchGuard?

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True Zero Day Protection

WatchGuard offers true zero day protection right out of the box through an intelligent layered security architecture.

Others rely on signature-based protection, a reactive way to provide security that leaves networks exposed to new threats until a signature is developed and deployed.

Powerful Application Proxy vs. Packet Filter Inspection

WatchGuard application proxy technology inspects all seven layers of data communication (see OSI model below) to instantly block offending data from each layer for far greater protection.

Packet filter technology inspects only four data communication layers, leaving three layers of data communication that are NOT inspected.

UTM Solutions (best-in-class unified threat management)

Integrated security capabilities boost protection in critical attack areas

  • WebBlocker - URL content filtering for HTTP and HTTPS
  • Gateway AV/IPS - powerful anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention
  • spamBlocker - with virus outbreak detection

All security features are centrally managed for genuine ease of use, with real-time monitoring, logging, and reporting.

Deluxe Customer Care with LiveSecurity® Service

Provides high-value, innovative support services to IT administrators, including:

  • Hardware warranty with advance hardware replacement
  • Technical support with a four-hour targeted response time
  • Software updates that cover feature enhancements and new capabilities
  • Concise threat alerts with clear instructions on how to reduce or eliminate new threats and direct links to patches to save time
  • Ground-breaking education resources including videos, podcasts, and handy security training modules

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